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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Blog Sponsored by Walmart

As you already know I'm always looking for ways to keep my morning beauty routine up to date, and while searching from some home decor at Walmart I came across this mini Frigidaire fridge and it was love at first sight! It was perfect for all my beauty products that I like to keep cold and now my morning beauty routine is even better.

I wake up, make my delicious coffee and use these super cute disposable cups and start doing my Gua Sha cold massages, that helps with inflammation and circulation. Love this morning routine I have created and this little feminine corner of my closet.

Walmart is always the first place I think when I want to add or change something at home, they have amazing prices and literary anything you can think to decorate your home and make little corners like this one that I get to enjoy daily happen.

Bellow you can find all the links you need to create your own personal coffee/beauty bar at home.

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