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I still can't believe I get to call this beautiful space my closet! I was very frustrated with the small closet I had in my room that I even considered moving out of my house because of it.

I had an additional room in my house that was used for storage, and decided to turn it into my dream closet and office, making sure I used every inch of the room wisely.

First I made a mood board, to help me with layout and planning, also The Home Depot app offers an augmented reality feature that helps seeing the items virtually in your room to get a better idea of how they will look before you order them. Simply tap the icon to activate the augmented reality mode on your smart phone's camera and place a virtual

image of the product in your home or on the job.

I wanted the space to be multi-functional and I was able to achieve it by ordering a fold-in desk that allows me to use as accessory and storage for my closet when closed and a working desk when open, and let me tell you how much I ADORE IT.

After ordering everything online with free delivery from The Home Depot website, I started thinking about the color that I wanted for my walls. Since I wanted a neutral color I chose the Mountain Gray satin interior and I was really happy with my choice.

When I received the closet system it was time to get to work. The installation was quick and smooth and I enjoyed every second of the process.

I decided to add a personal touch to the closet system and desk to make it all flow together and to add a customized touch by adding some Wallpaper, the same paper I used on my previous bedroom project.

A great tip for all closet is to have all your hangers identical, it will make it look way more organized and beautiful. Here is the link for mine

This closet / office was missing something so at the last minute I decided to add a coffee bar and add some extra storage space, and this 9 cube organizer was the perfect solution. I was able to get it in no time with their free delivery to the store and curbside pick up.

I added some rugs, a mirror, and some decorations and my dream closet was finally a reality! And the best part is that I was able to do it all by myself and save a lot of money.

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