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Blog post sponsored by Walmart.

Hello Beauty lovers, here im with some of my favorite beauty products!

As you all know, I like to change my shampoo every 2 to 3 months and Im always in the look out for the next best thing. I found Native shampoo and conditioner at Walmart, where I know I can find good quality beauty products at great prices. This shampoo and conditioner has clean ingredients and leave my hair beautiful and shiny! You should serenely try it.

I found also Dossier, luxury fragrances inspired on some of the most popular high end brands at a fraction of the price, one of my favorites is Woody Hyacinth, inspired by Chanel's Chance Eau. Walmart have a huge variety, and free shipping, so make sure to check them all. I will leave my favorites here for you.

And last but no least, here is my favorite razor, honestly im never changing my razors again after discovering Billie at Walmart. Simply the best for Smooth skin.

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