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Blog post sponsored by Walmart*

One of the most frequent questions I receive is “How do you manage to do it all?” Take care of my kids, business, cooking, doing my makeup, house projects etc.! And the key is to get organized and spend your time wisely! Something that helps me a lot is my Walmart+ membership because going out to do grocery shopping or buying the things I need on a daily basis used to take a lot of my time.

This amazing Walmart+ membership has helped me a lot and it allows me to have more time for my kids, business and myself. With the membership you get free shipping with no order minimum (excludes freight and Marketplace items), and that is what I love the most! I can organize my day and If I need something last minute it gets delivered right to my door.

Also, I found it very easy with Walmart+ to always reorder my cleaning products as soon as I'm running out and here is a list of my must haves that helps to get the home sparkling every day. Make sure you stock up after you get your Walmart+ membership! Trust me you will love it as much as I do.

Ps. Did I mention that they also deliver other stuff, not only groceries, so if you have a last-minute slime party with your kids, just remember to order your supplies with the Walmart+ membership and the party will be a total success.

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