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Back to School Deals


I can’t believe that Danny, my oldest son, is already heading to 10th grade of high school…. time sure does fly by. I still remember it like it wasyesterday the day he was born…but, let’s stop it right there because I’m about to get sentimental and that is not the reason why we’re here. Actually, I’m thrilled because this year, I get to save tons of money by getting all his back to school essentials at Burkes Outlet.  From backpacks to uniforms, shoes, socks, and underwear! Yes! Absolutely everything from one store which is extremely convenient for me! It helps me save time and money because they offer up to 70% in savings. Not to mention, Danny is very excited about the super cool backpack I got for him. Trust me; he will never believe that I only spent $19.99 on it.


Backpack $19.99 ($30 in savings)


School shirts in a variety of colors only $4.99 ($10 in savings)

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