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Getting your wardrobe ready for spring is about to get way easier! If you follow my Instagram account, you should know by now how much I love to buy and update my closet at Bealls Outlet! They have the best selection of designer clothing at amazing prices, making it easy to always look season-ready with out breaking your bank account, haha!

This is how I was able to pull this whole look without spending a fortune, but looking and feeling like if I did, ;)!

Floral-wrap-around dresses, like this one, are IN this spring! They are fun, feminine, and flattering — so make sure to have at least one in your closet. I styled this dress with these beautiful Vince Camuto red sandals! I was beyond happy when I found them for only $29.99 (the original price was $59.99).

Now lets talk about accessories! No one will believe (and we can keep this secret between us) that I only paid $3.99 for this gorgeous three-layered necklace; I also paid the same price for this light-weight, perfect for spring, earrings! I have been using them a lot lately because they just go with almost every outfit.

I spent less than $60 dollars at Bealls Outlet for this whole look and I am sure I will be mixing and matching it with other outfits this whole season. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good… you just have to go to the right places to find everything you need to move with style from one season to another with out spending thousands of dollars.

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