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Blog post sponsored by Walmart*

You know how much I love to cook with delicious and fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables. My Walmart+membership allows me to have fresh groceries delivered to my house same-day and save me a trip to the store saving time and money.

With the Walmart+ membership you get free same day delivery ($35 minimum, restrictions apply) which I found super convenient and use it every time I need to get my fresh groceries delivered home. I can organize my groceries list with fresh fruits and vegetables and have them delivered to my door all the time, saving me time and money. They also have a huge selection of organic produce at the same great prices in store, and I can re-order from my list every time I’m running out. Eating healthy is very important to me and my family and now it's easier than ever.

Here is a list of my must have organic vegetables and fruits :

Organic apples, Organic Mini Sweet Peppers, Organic Mini Cucumbers, Organic Medium Hass Avocados, Organic Baby Peeled Carrots, Fresh Blueberries, Organic, Organic Bananas, Organic Green Seedless Grapes, Organic Broccoli Florets, Organic Cauliflower

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