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*This post is in partnership with Kiehl’s

I'm 44 years old, and I'm always looking for good beauty products to take care of my skin. I recently came across Kiehl's Super Multi Corrective Cream and Eye Cream and I'm loving it so far. This cream is a fast-absorbing lightweight moisturizer that addresses physical signs of aging on the face and neck, with a combination of multivitamins like Vitamin A, Chaga Mushroom and Hyaluronic acid. I have noticed that my skin looks brighter and plump.

Inspired by the Super Multi-Corrective Face Cream, Kiehl's NEW Super Multi-Corrective Eye Cream addresses all four eye zones by treating damage, discoloration and premature signs of aging, it absorbs quickly has a non-greasy, non-sticky and non-pilling texture and layers well under makeup.

Also the Super Multi Corrective cream is free of parabens, fragrance, dye and mineral oil. You can find this powerful duo at Sephora, I'm including the link of the products below and a few others from this brand that I love.

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